Photographic quality visuals for Brochure and Web
We have over 20 years experience in producing high quality visuals.


Virtual photography
Taking the place of costly set building, opening up endless possibilities in
design and flexibility. A digital CG set can be reused in many ways and instead of just a photograph becomes part of a library of marketing assets.


Animations for presentation
Product Launches and Prestigious Architectural Presentations. Animation
is extremely important to show how a new design works or for a client to fully understand a proposed spacial design.

Ladies Shoe

Animated video for web
People love to be shown moving visual presentations. We all hit the ‘Play Icon’ as opposed to viewing stills or reading through text descriptions.

Web sites in any industry showing animation get more visitors who stay longer and are more likely to become customers.


VR Fully immersive environments and Interactive Product presentations for desktop viewing.


Animation content for e-books i-books and Apps
Animated sequences can be provided in an increasing number of formats
to comply with  publishers criteria.


Photo montage and Verified imaging
Pixogenic have over the years developed an excellent reputation for producing Verified Images usually for large scale architectural proposals. Past projects include major extensions to power stations, sensitive housing developments and also accurate lighting simulations such as TV floodlighting for race tracks.


Augmented Reality
AR models never fail to impress with incredible impact. Beyond the initial experience they have a unique interactive clarity. There can be no quicker way for a client to get an understanding of a concept model than to virtually hold it.


Configurators / Product Selectors
In a world changing it’s fashion emphasis from Mass to Custom and affecting everything from Housing to Training shoes. Web presenters allow those choices to be seen in real time on your website. With a viewing window in the centre a customer can for example. pick design options, select from surrounding colour swatches or materials and see the configured product before purchasing.